A Roadmap to becoming a Self Taught Ionic React Developer in 2022

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A Roadmap to becoming a Self Taught Ionic React Developer in 2022

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·May 31, 2022·

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Ionic is a great cross-platform framework helping web developers to create web and mobile applications using popular Javascript frameworks like React.

If you are new to coding and wondering where to start, the following roadmap will help you become a Full Stack Ionic React Developer.

First, let's go through the basic foundations -

Understanding how the web works?

How the Web works - Learn web development | MDN

Learn Linux command line basics from the amazing Colt Steele

The Beginner's Guide To Terminal (For Web dev/Data Science)

The 50 Most Popular Linux & Terminal Commands - Full Course for Beginners

Learn Git and Github from the Iconic Kunal

Complete Git and GitHub Tutorial

Learn HTML and CSS from the wonderful Shaye

Learn to Code HTML & CSS

Learn Javascript

Learn JavaScript by Building 7 Games - Full Course

The Modern JavaScript Tutorial

Learn JavaScript for free - 7-hour interactive tutorial

The JavaScript Bootcamp: A Massive & Interactive JavaScript Course

Learn React

React Tutorial: Learn React JS - Free 11-Hour Course

Getting Started - React

Master React JS by Building Real Projects

Learn Typescript

TypeScript Crash Course

Learn SQL, MongoDB, and Appwrite

Intro to SQL: Querying and managing data | Khan Academy


Appwrite Docs

30 Days of Appwrite

Learn Node

Node.js Full Course for Beginners | Complete All-in-One Tutorial | 7 Hours

Node.js / Express Course - Build 4 Projects

Learn Ionic

Introduction to Ionic | Ionic Documentation

Learn to Build Mobile Apps With Ionic Framework, ReactJS, and Capacitor

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